Deep within the heavy rehearsal schedules, touring dates, dance practice, recording sessions, and fan fete parties and greetings; beneath all that… there is a simple motivation to create music and bring joy. A human being with passion and a talent to sing, and that man is JUN.

A bit of an unorthodox entry into the K-Pop fantasia, Jun moved from Seoul, South Korea to the States early in his life. He began posting violin re-imaginings of hit chart-toppers to his YouTube channel, which in turn fostered a deeply passionate fan base. He is poised to be a rising star; having released his first original K-Pop song entitled “Hold It Down”.  

With this song, Jun continues to add a new dimension to his musical entity, commanding the stage from a singer’s spotlight, which he first showcased last year.

For someone who is essentially embarking on a new inquisition, he possesses a professional grade quality about him. The production on Hold It Down is polished and vibrant. It draws you in to its dreamy aura, and bioluminescent ambience. The song underscores his glass-smooth vocals, partnered with a tight dance comp. and a punctuated beat.

Jun was gracious enough to take a few minutes to answer a couple of questions amidst his packed schedule:


What did you have for breakfast?
Korean Ramen, lol.

How did it feel to make your first record and music video?
It felt pretty unreal at first, but being very active in the production of it made it feel like something I've already done before.

Was there something that inspired you to become involved with music?
I always grew up with music in my life, especially because my mom was a self-taught guitarist and pianist.  K-Pop was introduced by my sister, and it kind of grew on me as time went by.

How did you learn choreography so fast?
I'm not too sure. I tend to pick things up pretty quickly, but at the same time it's never as good or accurate as the originals since they practice it a lot. I definitely want to practice more!

Who is one of your Musical heroes?
Queen!  Though I don’t strive to be them, as the genre and vocal skill level difference is too far, but in general I look up to them.

Anything you would want or like new fans to know about you?
I stream! I'm on Facebook and twitch streaming most of the time now.

Dreams or wishes for the upcoming year?
To drop a new album or at least an EP.

Piece of clothing you can’t live without?
(Smiles) Uniglo shorts, the pajama kind.

What song is stuck in your head today?
Secret Love Song.

What cartoon character always makes you laugh?
Spongebob Squarepants.

Hold It Down is Jun’s most recent conquest in a long line of accolades, many stemming from his aforementioned prowess as a violinist.  His connection with his violin is an extension of him, a welcome embrace, a sonic pen with which to write and draw. With a natural ease and infectious enjoyment, he brings across songs from Whitney to Eminem in a fresh string based arrangement, including a downpour of songs celebrating other Korean idols.

From here, he’s been a part of many orchestras, performed around the world, and absolutely lit up the stage with both his violin and original songs at KCON NY, LA and Mexico, alongside acts like BTS, Red Velvet and Pentagon. (BTS’s RM specifically shouting him out).

This year surely holds much promise as fans anticipate what surprises he has in store and what his next moves will be.

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