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A Fireside Chat

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With Alex Schrader

Changes are afoot...

The worm is turning...

How do I know? ‘Cuz there’s something in the air. 

BTS performing at the Billboard Music Awards was just the shot across the bow.  C’mon, you know it.  What K-Pop is doing culturally very much resembles the British Invasion of the 1960’s and artists like Up10tion, Lydia Paek, and Jun Sung Ahn, are at the very tip of the spear.

Two issues ago when we interviewed the lovely Natalie Hampton, creator of the now famous “Sit with us” app and part of Stanford’s class of ’22, we at Global Leader Today wanted to explore more about apps, games, and the minds who create them.  Our interview with Hirokazu Yasuhara, creator of the iconic “Sonic: The Hedgehog”, was a step in that direction.  Now our goal is to take you “into the console” –- and into the minds of the best young eSports players on planet Earth.  We will also soon hear from the creators of Virtual Reality Parks... or the Disneyland’s of tomorrow. 

We know that every kid can’t dance, sing, cook or play video-games, and that’s why Rylan Kindness and Lynnea Shuck are the very heart and soul of what we are all about.  A kid wants to start his own business... fails and fails until he succeeds.  A girl feels an emotional connection with nature... does her best to protect it.  Those stories are worthy of being told. 


I feel our focus is becoming sharper...

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