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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Spring issue of Global Leader Today magazine.  The world around us is moving very quickly. It is very easy to get caught up in our local community and our social media activities and forget that over seven billion others are around us, moving, taking action, changing things. Sometimes those changes affect us directly. Other times they affect the world around us. In the last several months there have been so many changes coming from so many different corners of the world that it is difficult to keep up. If there was some way that we could have a personal AI that could scour the developments in the world and give us a short personalized briefing each day, perhaps while we are commuting, the world would be a better place.

In the last issue we began exploring the K-Pop world. Not just because it is cool, or popular, but because K-Pop and gaming [which we begin exploring with this issue] are part of the modern pulse in the world today. Global leaders must be in touch with major trends and determine if they want to be on the sidelines or part of the fabric of emerging culture and opportunity. In previous issues we have talked about cryptocurrencies, new apps, new technologies, people creating new opportunities right where they are, and people who are leading the way in some way. Our quest here is to bring them to you and perhaps you can be better informed and maybe even inspired to blaze your own unique trails. To each of the people who have opened their doors or shared with us their stories, thank you for helping us get a better idea how and why you do what you do. Insight is a major component in emulating success. Without understanding, you are just mimicking, and there is rarely mastery in mimicry. To be a leader in any endeavor, it takes understanding, contemplation and foresight. Sometimes that foresight leads to failure, but when it works, when success plays out, it began with consciously going into it. Being a leader at anything requires taking chances. Being a global leader requires taking bigger chances. For those who inspire us, who show us that it can be done, we are grateful to you for allowing us to share in some small way in your enduring success. 

Dr. Harry Hwang
Global Leader Today
California, United States


Corporate Headquarters

1525 Bonita Vista Drive

San Bernardino, California 92404 


TEL: +1-909-991-2796



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