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By Randy Gold

K-POP Crosses Over

If you are not one of the 220+ Million views of this video, perhaps you missed it when one of the most popular video games on the planet, League of Legends, created the K-Pop group K/DA in order to promote an upcoming line of apparel [skins] and released a song on the internet called POP/STARS. The four girls in the group, while virtual online, are backed by real pop artists who morph in the gaming world to create the world's most popular virtual female K-Pop group.  At the world release, parent Riot Games mixed both live and virtual artists on stage for what was truly a cross-over meant to propel the brands into the stratosphere.

Fans wonder whether virtual group K/DA will release more songs, or maybe even a world tour? Meanwhile, girl groups around the world learn the moves and post their own videos as the frenzy continues...

GoFly Prize Winners

Apart from a rocket backpack, or jumping from a tall building with a Wingsuit, how do you make people fly? In the same way that the XPRIZE challenges people to push the limits in so many different arenas, perhaps the best solution was to launch a global competition.


The GoFly Prize is comprised of more than 3,500 innovators from 101 countries across the globe. From this community, 31 Phase II Teams across 16 countries submitted entries. In the above video, GoFly is honored to announce the five Phase II Winning Teams of the GoFly Prize and to celebrate the work of the entire GoFly community. For more information about the GoFly Prize, or to form a new Team to enter the competition and the Final Fly-Off, please visit

Clash of the Titans

In 1997 a film about the biggest ship ever made the most money ever at the box office world-wide. The film Titanic sailed in with over two billion dollars at the box office globally. Twelve years later, the same director, James Cameron, bested his own record with a new film named Avatar that featured ten-foot tall blue aliens on a far-away world named Pandora [ yes, like the music app]. Avatar made an amazing $2.788 Billion dollars at the box office worldwide. That record has always been safe until now. Just $300 million down and just a few weeks out in wide release, the new Avenger's Endgame threatens to take the lead. If you are one of the few people on the planet that hasn't watched it yet, maybe you can help it take the lead while it's still in theaters. History is in the making right before our eyes.

What is Done in the Dark...

The reason that Prep Schools exist is to prepare students to take exams and teach the proper way to submit admissions packages to the top universities in the world. Most people do it the right way and we applaud them. The fact that a small group of people try and game the system doesn't mean the system is broke. As was the case in the housing market crash in 2007, procedures will change. Names and faces will change, but the system will still be there. Stanford, Yale, UCLA and Georgetown aren't going to close because of this scandal, but certainly the admissions procedures will undergo a whole new level of scrutiny. To the students who dream of going to the best schools in the world, we encourage you to work hard, study hard, and make your mark the right way. For those who choose to try and game the system, the phrase goes: what is done in the dark will eventually come to light. Perhaps this is an example of that.

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