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By Jess Tyler

A car zooms by blasting throbbing hip-hop… back-dropped by an orange sun setting over the skyscrapers of downtown LA that cast shadows over graffiti-lined Olympic Boulevard. All these moments feel lifted right out of a movie. It’s a cinematic quality that creates an intangible and enticing vibe. It’s moments like these that the band “Like a Movie” strives to capture and create through their music and explosive performances. They hope to express the “je ne sais quoi” of the cinematic experience though multiple mediums.


The group is made up of 5 members; the charismatic Domo, b-boy phenom Joha, self-proclaimed (and equally deserving of) “king of the high notes” Mingyu, powerful vocalist Woohyuk, and Siryu -- whose smile could light up a room! They all came together in 2018 to collaborate on this new musical venture. Spending a year in Japan honing their skills, they came back more experienced, more galvanized and more untouchable than ever.


They're very involved with the producing and choreography. Their music is fun and energetic, spawning lyrical earworms that will be rattling around your tiny little brain for days.


From Italy to Argentina, Japan to the USA, they’ve attracted fans whom they fittingly dubbed their Popcorn. The group is extremely close with their fans, whether it’s greeting them after performances to take pictures, or through live stream Q&A’s. As of this date, their Youtube channel shows a myriad of behind-the-scenes. From vlogs of their travels, to customizing some kicks, to eating delicious foods like Tteobokki (a kind of spicy Korean rice cake) - all personal glimpses into their daily life.


Their passion could lead to an Oscar. Their determination could grant them a Grammy and their creativity is worthy of a Palm d'Or.  In early February, I had a chance to briefly interview them and fortunately get a peek into their thoughts:


1. All five of your members are so studied and talented, in singing, piano, bboy, and much more! What would you be doing if you weren't a singer?

Domo - YouTuber (because he wants to share his daily life with the public)

Siryu - Shopping mall CEO (loves fashion and interior design)

Woohyuk - Cafe CEO (has a taste for coffee and flavors)

Mingyu- Strawberry grower (because he likes strawberries)

Joha - Police Special Forces (‘cuz he don’t like thugz)


2. Your Like A Movie concept is so unique. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

There are various genres of movies. Since our five members have different charms like various movie genres, we want to communicate that to the public and we want our fans to feel various emotions… kind of like a movie.


3. If you had to do a music video inspired by a movie that came out in the last few years, which would it be and why?

Marvel's Avengers.

Like the heroes of the Avengers who try to protect peace with different strengths and characteristics, I want to share the joy, happiness, sadness and pain of the public through music and music videos that emphasize the characteristics of each of the members.


4. You recently had concerts in Japan! How has it been to perform there? Did you have to learn Japanese or any other customs?

Of course, it was hard because I started with no knowledge of Japanese language and customs at first. Because all the members worked hard and studied hard to understand the Japanese language and customs, we were able to create a stage where we could communicate and enjoy with more fans and make happy memories with fans, and it was a meaningful concert to us because we grew up as artists.


5. What is your favorite game? (whether it be tabletop, video game or sport)

Battlegrounds. I feel thrilled when we win the team game together.


“Like a Movie” splashed on to the scene with their captivating concept and instantly got put on the map. They have big plans for the future, so don’t get caught sleeping on this band.


Follow "Like a Movie" online:

Corporate Headquarters

1525 Bonita Vista Drive

San Bernardino, California 92404 


TEL: +1-909-991-2796



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