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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Winter issue of Global Leader Today magazine.  This last year, like the one before, has been a dire time for most people around the world as the global pandemic shows no signs of slowing down. Somehow, people keep going forward and seek every opportunity to socialize together, where possible. While Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has unveiled plans to have people socialize in isolation through a digital device, people continue to show their desire for actual socializing and that is especially evidenced as people travel to spend time with loved ones during the holidays.

As we come back from a hiatus, this issue champions some of the best examples of how humanity keeps pressing forward in the arts and in the sciences. At Global Education Vision, the nonprofit that publishes this magazine, we thoroughly believe that most people never set out to become global leaders, but that happens as they take actions that are world-class, often doing things that affect humanity itself. From saving our planet to helping us become a multi-planetary species, from bringing to life legendary characters on the big screen to touching our hearts and emotions over the airwaves, the young people in this issue inspire us and make us want to be better global citizens. In the year to come, we aspire to bring you one new issue each quarter, so subscribe and stay tuned as we continue our journey to bring you stories of people around the world who are doing things that matter.


Dr. Harry Hwang
Global Leader Today
California, United States


Corporate Headquarters

1525 Bonita Vista Drive

San Bernardino, California 92404 


TEL: +1-909-991-2796



Letter from the Publisher



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Winter 2021

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