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Alex Schrader


     We have to forget that last year happened.  We must.  We don’t need to give it anymore energy.  Lessons got learned.  People got killed.  Stores got looted and a lot of… dark money got made.  That’s a fact.  
Why dwell on it?
     After what happened last year though, it’s hard not to picture yourself as having been on a ship that got caught up in a big oceanic storm.  Huge waves rocked the ship back and forth until they ultimately capsized her.
     It’s also hard not to picture yourself as the lone survivor of that shipwreck.  Cast away on a white, sandy beach with an endless stretch of land before you… birds cawing in the air.  Who knows what the tide might bring, right?
     A majority of our readers belong to Generation Z.  Many of you feel, and rightfully so, that you have had more than your share of misfortune and that the long, cruel winter of your life has only just begun.  I totally and completely understand.  
     Just remember, every generation has its share of tragedy and strife.  My earliest ancestors fled a burning Troy.  Another had to earn his freedom as a gladiator in the Colosseum.  Still another, a thousand years later, earned his knighthood and coat-of-arms by defending the city of Jerusalem.  And I myself… rode a tank in the General’s rank… when Desert Storm raged.
     Strange thing about seasons…
     After every winter comes spring.  It was said that after the flood all the colors came out and it was a beautiful day.  The era of electric vehicles is upon us… cryptocurrencies have undergone a renaissance… and mark my words, very soon we will be driven by autonomous vehicles.  Let me pause by telling those of you between the ages of 10 and 18 that we are entering an “adoption cycle” with cryptocurrencies and electric vehicles. What I mean by that is that some of you, by entering these industries, will become far wealthier than any of us can possibly imagine.  Why?  Because crypto will be the currency we trade and autonomous vehicles will be forced upon us by engineers, businessmen and governments.  I do not mean to wax Cassandra-like, but this is inevitable.  (For those of you unaware, Cassandra was the legendary Trojan Priestess who foretold the downfall of Troy). 
     NFT’s, the Metaverse,  my God… these are centi-trillion… possibly quadrillion dollar industries.  The scale is difficult for even I to fathom.  Our brightest minds like Elon Musk are already thinking of ways to oxygenize and colonize the Martian plateau.  We will soon see the largest mass migration of souls all over the globe who have been cooped up all these months and are looking for something new, something different… and with the changing season, our planet will truly be a brave new world.

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