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and Beyond Hitting the Bass

By Jess Tyler

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The mark of a great meal, is one that doesn’t just satiate hunger, but one that restores your very soul. Or hearing the sorta kinda song, that gets you to hum the tune without realizing you’re in public. Or being struck by the thrill of a killer dance move that you can’t wait to steal to try out later. The 7 star k-pop group BLITZERS exemplifies many of these categories..but in k-pop form! Channeled through their sterling presence and overflowing charisma. Any room that winds up in their orbit can quickly become the city’s hottest dance party! They emanate an aura of infectious enthusiasm that floods the system :)

BLITZER’s fanbase, colloquially known as BLEE (through the etymology of BLITZER’s Glee) got to experience their see-it-to-believe-it performances in person, when the band embarked on their very first full fledged US tour, spanning both coasts and all in between. The band even surprised everyone with busking pop-ups, such as showing up on the streets of Washington Square Park in NYC!

Their new third album Win-Dow has them taking their international aspirations to new heights! Like travelers through the storybook of the world, they’ve turned their globe trot into a globe sprint. Perhaps the most meaningful stop was when they became the premier k-pop group to ever touch down in Lahore, Pakistan! One of the first to ever appear there! Which is a key moment in the continued proliferation of global k-pop prominence!

The glittering architecture and impossibly picturesque streets of Lahore played stage to the backdrop for their music video “Hit The Bass”. It was met with an outpouring of love in how it vividly showcases the city’s beauty, and uniqueness! And how it reciprocated the love of the droves of completely passionate k-pop fans who reside in this cultural pearl of a country!

This musically gifted group counts Lutan, Chris, Sya, Go_U, Juhan, Wooju, and Jinhwa as part of their lineup. Each bringing a special flavor to the mix! Their hard work is only matched by their infectious vibes and how much fun they seem to be having.

Since their debut in 2021, they’ve already released three mini albums, numerous highly acclaimed MV’s, and made memorable appearances on shows like Music Bank and After School Club*. With their musical jetpacks firmly secured, there’s nowhere to go but up!

Despite being on a whirlwind media tour, they took a little bit of a layover, to share some of their insights and individual perspective on how they’re creating their own path in the k-pop landscape.

1.    How did you get your start? Can you share a bit about your k-pop journey and how you got to WUZO Ent?
JINHWA: I saw my friend dancing at a high school festival and I thought it was cool. At that time, the job of being an idol singer seemed cool, and I was introduced to the company by an acquaintance.

GO_U: I got a casting offer on the street by chance, and after that, I became interested in the profession of an idol. After working as a trainee at another company, I joined WUZO Entertainment through the introduction of my high school classmate, Jinhwa.

JUHAN: I started singing after listening to BEAST’s song ‘On a Rainy Day’. Naturally, I dreamed of becoming an idol. I majored in singing while attending an art high school, and the opportunity for an audition came and I went through the audition.
SYA: I went to iKON’s concert, and I fell in love with them on stage and started to dream of being an idol. I was interested in dancing, so I was active in the school dance club, and then I was cast through social media.

CHRIS : At first, I got into k-pop watching YouTube. So, when I came to Korea during summer break my dad’s friend recommended me to WUZO Entertainment. Overall, I auditioned and I got accepted.
LUTAN: I dreamed of becoming an idol while watching the performances of my seniors at school festivals and thinking that I also want to stand on the stage. Like Sya-hyung, I was cast through SNS, and I auditioned and joined the company.

WOOJU: After watching a play, I became interested in what it would be like to be on stage. I thought it would be great if I could dance and sing on stage, so I dreamed of becoming an idol, and naturally joined the company while auditioning.

2.    Congratulations on your recent US tour! :) What was your favorite part about visiting the US?

SYA: Of course, it was very good to perform, and I also liked that I was able to learn and feel new places and new cultures.

LUTAN: Due to the pandemic, we didn't have much time to meet and breathe with fans in person. It was great to be able to perform and communicate with the fans for a long time and build good experiences and memories together.

3.    How do you prepare for tour?

CHRIS : Basically, we go over the songs we released in the past and also we worked on our busking performances.
WOOJU: We practiced repeatedly with the members for the stage, Also, since it's the first time I'm speaking in front of our fans, BLEE, I think I paid a lot of attention to the comments.

4.    Do you have any tips for long distance flights? What are the must-have items you always make sure to pack in your suitcase?
JINHWA: I have to stay for a long time in a bad posture on a long-distance flight, so a neck pillow is a must!

JUHAN: A good tip is to go without sleeping before the flight. Then you, too, can get a good night's sleep on the plane! The must-have items in your bag are earphones and toothbrushes.

5.    Your song “Will Make A Mistake” offers the very encouraging message of continuing onwards even despite setbacks! Why was this an important message to you? What do you do when you encounter setbacks?
GO_U: Mistakes are made by everyone. It's absolutely not wrong. So, don't blame yourself, get up and try again, and the story must have touched me and all the members a lot. Sometimes we make mistakes and we get frustrated, but we get up again. Shake it off, then run again.

CHRIS: It was important message to me because I making a mistake isn’t something you’ve done wrong. To me, it’s a part of a progress that makes something successful.

6.    What advice would you give someone who wants to enter into the K-pop industry? Any tips for getting a start that helped you?

LUTAN: There is a saying that starting is half the job, so if you keep trying and challenge yourself with confidence, good results will come! Tip: Having confidence is enough!

WOOJU: I'm still in the beginning stage, so I want to give support rather than advice. Let's work hard together! If you are a person who has a hard time starting, maybe you need support the most.

7.    Spotted some really cool illustrations of the band on your social media pages! :) Do you create these pics? Would you ever want to have expanded adventures with them? (like a webtoon, video series, etc?)
SYA: Our illustrator draws the pictures. And BLEE sends in photos of the background. By providing photos of where you live and places all over the world you have traveled to, this is ‘BLITRIP’ that we are making together with BLEE.

JINHWA: Like the BLITZERS in the pictures, I want to travel around the world to meet BLEE. We can do performances and share many stories. It's our priority dream to meet the global BLEE, rather than [focus on] follow-up content.

8.    Alongside music and dance, what could you spend all day doing?

GO_U: I still have a lot of time to practice because I think there are still a lot of things I am lacking.

SYA: At the recently opened BLITZERS Weverse, we spend the day communicating and talking with our fans a lot.

LUTAN: Besides practicing music and dancing, I am also working hard on language studies. Maybe if we work hard, we can talk a little more with BLEE around the world, right?

9.    Do you ever collaborate on the choreographies for your dances?

JINHWA: At the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, I staged a stage together with D1 from DKB and Arthur from Kingdom. The performances I did with them were so different and fun, and I learned a lot from both of them because they both performed great.

10.    Who's your dream collab?

SYA: I want to stand on the same stage as iKON seniors whom I have admired since I was young. Chris: I would love to collaborate with Postmalone

11.    What’s on your playlist right now?

GO_U: Keshi - “Beside You“

WOOJU: I listen to the song Golden - “Hate Everything“ a lot! It's a song I see a lot on my playlist.

12.    If you could be any character from a movie, who would you be?

JINHWA: Boss Baby's 'Boss Baby'! He has a secret job, and he is a character who can feel the love of his family. So as a character, I think there are similarities in how we work together for something with members who are like family.

GO_U: I want to have freedom and wit like ‘Deadpool’
13.    What did you have for breakfast this morning? :)

JUHAN: I just drank water this morning.

CHRIS: I had chicken porridge because I got my wisdom teeth pulled out.

*Serendipitously, I had the chance to be a part of the live online audience for this episode! To see more of BLITZERS for yourself, check them out at their links below! :)


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Spring/Summer 2023

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