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A Fireside Chat

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With Alex Schrader

​If history has proven anything, have no faith in words like “last” or “final.”  I’m opting for a new direction. I will no longer be giving one “last word” about how the past few weeks, months and quarters have gone, but chats.  Fireside chats.  When I picture a fire, I picture a place where everybody can find warmth of some kind.  We are all... chatting, as it were... by the fireplace.

     As I take a sip of green tea, I must say we are moving fast.  Brilliant kids like Fatima Yousuf are forming 501(c)(3)s (which in the United States are non-profit corporations) to provide books to other kids in impoverished neighborhoods. As a confirmed advocate of the vegetarian diet and one who understands the dangers of processed foods, I commend Sophie for following her passion.  To see careerists like Logan Guleff and Vitalik Buterin blazing earth-shattering, pop-culture trails in their respective industries is a sight to see.  Logan may very well become the Anthony Bourdain of his generation, while Vitalik’s impact may be equal or greater than Bill Gates.  When I first saw UP10TION, immediately the groups N’sync and the Backstreet Boys came to mind.  K-Pop has a power... a power I haven’t felt since hip-hop. If this publication is about highlighting people who can change the world, K-Pop will... especially in Asia.

     Last but not least, I cannot wait to chat about games... all kinds of games... from “Farmville” to “Call of duty Black Ops 4”... to legendary Korean gamers like MMA and MC, who like the Lion and the Tin Man in the “Wizard of Oz” are leading us by the hand down the yellow brick road of tomorrow.

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